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Music Angel JH-MD06BT Bluetooth PDF



Music Angel JH-MD06BT with bluetooth function speaker


When use USB power.

LINE IN: audio input.

OFF/ON: On-off set to OFF then already close power supply, set to ON then audio by merit exporation

Charging: Use computer USB power or DC-5V adapter as power supply and charger, when power off, indicator light turns red while charging, once charging completes, then light turns off. When power on, indicator light turns pink while charging; if power on but not charging, indicator light turns blue.

Special Prompt

JH-MD06BT with blue tooth Mobile insibe, transfer audio frequency to play music, it is the best mate for blue tooth Mini audio box with concept integral stereo portable mobile music, connecting your MP3,MP4,CD,DVD,iPod, iPhone, iPad, GPS, PSP, mobile phone,notebook computer, etc.

Metallic, shell shown noble and fashionable, out of ordinary, with many colors, several solution; for your option.

Several power supply manners including battery,computer USB, adaptor DC-5V allow you to enjoy the charm of digital products at any time.


Speaker’s functional parameter

Output: RMS 3W THD=10%

Frequency response: 150-1800HZ(±3dB)

Signal and noise ratio of power amplifier ?80dB

Loud speaker 1.77 inches (external diameter 45mm)

Magnetic resistant 4Ohms

Power supply: 5V/1000mA AC power adapter

Computer USB power rotate connect line(can choose)



Battery: bult-in Lithium battery, can play music and charge


Special Prompt

1, Match the equipment before using the blue tooth, turn in the speaker, there is flash indicator light. Ex: search blue tooth in the mobile, will present MUSIC ANGEL when have searched, choose MUSIC ANGEL, put in matched code 0000, connect Bluetooth, return to the menu, operate to play music.

2, For all kinds equipments like blue tooth mobile, blue tooth adaptor, bluetooth player…


The key- presses can not work while using LINE IN.


Info MUSIC ANGEL 15/03/2017

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